Kairuku Bed Net Distribution

In March 2010, RAM field teams went to Kairuku District in Central Province to initiate a new program for the distribution of long lasting insecticide treated nets in PNG. RAM worked with health teams from the Department of Health, Catholic Health Services and others to carry out a complete survey of the district, followed by a distribution of nets to every family. In total, the survey revealed a population of 58,000 in 169 villages.  To these villages were distributed about 25,000 LLINs which are sufficient to ensure that every person in the district has the ability to sleep under a net at night each night. Kairuku District was a great opportunity to test out the methodologies proposed to carry out the surveys and distribution LLINs.  It proved that the methodology proposed by RAM is feasible, easy to conduct and most importantly, acceptable to the communities who received the nets. RAM looks forward to emulating the success of the Kairuku District LLIN distribution in all its future distribution exercises.